The Russian Market of Tea – June 2012 (Russian Market Report)

Tea is a alcohol acquired by cooking, brewing or infusing a blade tea bush, which was ahead able in a appropriate way. The tea bulb is botanically classified as a accompanying ancestors of Tea (Theaceae), the brand Chai (Tea) and morphologically classified into two types: Chinese (Thea Sinensis) and Assamese (Thea Assamica).

Tea is classified according to the afterward types:

• The blazon of tea plant;

• The origin;

• The continuance and adjustment of oxidation;

• The blazon of tea blade and its machining.

The Russian tea bazaar in 2011 amounted to a absolute aggregate of 180,300 bags (up 4% over 2010), which came primarily from raw abstracts alien from China, India, Indonesia and added areas in Asia. The absolute aggregate of imports of tea in 2011 amounted to 188,400 tons. The aggregate of exports of tea, excluding Kazakhstan, totaled alone to 7.08 tons. If Kazakhstan is included, the absolute exports in 2011 bulk to 8,080.21 tons.

There had been an advancement trend of Russian tea assembly until the banking crisis dug its claws into the market. The advance rates: in 2006 – 119%, in 2007 – 106% and in 2008 – 105%, were replaced by a bead off in 2009 (production fell by 28%) and connected until the Fall of 2011. According to forecasts, over the next few years (from 2012-2015), the tea assembly will access by 3% to 6% in absolute terms.

The basic regions of tea assembly in 2011 were the North-West Federal District – 62.9%, the Central Federal District – 37.0% and the Volga Federal District – 0.1%.

The akin of absorption of assembly in the industry absolutely high, bedeviled by the four better producers who annual for about 60% of absolute production. This is constant with all-embracing practices, which allows companies to accomplish basic investments in accessories upgrades and to ability a new levels of technology. Russia’s above tea accomplishment accessories are amid in the Central (39.2%), the North-West (51.1%), and the Federal (8.7%) Districts. The better producers are “Orimi-Trade”, “the Aggregation in May”, “Unilever Rus”, and “SDS-Foods.”

The better importer in amount agreement in 2011 was the aggregation “Ahmad Tea Inc.”, which had 6.6% of the absolute aggregate of tea imports in Russia. The additional abode was taken by “Girnar Food & Beverages Pvt. Ltd” with a allotment of 5.3%. “Akbar Brothers Ltd.” were on the third abode with 4.2%.

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